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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Power Pointing: The method for the Filipino slasher

The concept is new to Filipino cockfighting, which is greatly influenced by American ways. Luckily, products specifically for the gamefowl containing the substances necessary to support the principles of power pointing are now available in the market, otherwise we have to experiment with products manufactured for humans.
Without Voltplex KQ for the power converters creatine, L carnethine and obequinone; Reload Plus for ribose; Respigen 15 for pangamic acid; Complexor and Sagupaan B50/2 for Bcomplex with iron; and Secret Weapon for concentrated mineral supplement; RB Sugbo Gamefowl Technology, in the course of the study, would have been forced into a longer process of hit and miss using products not intended for the gamefowl. Our thanks to Excellence Poultry and Livestock Specialist; Sagupaan, and Secret Weapon for making available in the market such products.
The study, however, was conducted independently and without the knowledge of said companies or any representative.The study was conducted to serve the purpose of Masang Nagmamanok (MANA), a 10 thousand-strong organization of common sabungeros nationwide.

Pointing is the final stage in the gamefowl’s conditioning for the actual fight. If conditioning is to prepare a cock for battle, pointing is to prepare the cock for the day of the battle and even for the moment of battle. Lately, pointing has become a specific stage of the gamefowl’s preparation specialized by some higher masters of the game. It is not uncommon nowadays that the pre-conditioning and conditioning stages are handled by assistants handlers and feeders. But, most of the time it is the chief conditioner who will take care of pointing. It is the culmination of all the time, effort and knowledge put into the gamefowl being prepared for the fight. Here, in this final act, there would be no room for mistakes.
The ability to point the gamefowl properly has grown in proportion as far as influencing the outcome of the fight. At, the top level competion it seems that chickens are now created equal. The best bloodlines are now available to hundreds if not thousands of Filipino breeders, who know the right breeding methods and are affluent enough to provide the right environment for the gamefowl. A look at the results of the numerous stag derbies held annually during the stag season tend to support such contention.
Conditioning then is looked upon as the factor that might tilt the balance. Yet, within that spectrum is another important factor—the ability to point a well conditioned chicken. The best conditioning will go down the drain if not coupled by proper pointing.
With this hypothesis in mind, RB Sugbo Gamefowl Technology devoted some time to the research and study of the science of pointing, premissed on the characteristic of Filipino sabong. The study was placed in the perspective of the fact that Filipino slasher fighting is fast and furious. “Isang tama ka lang”
Thus, RB Sugbo came up with a concept of pointing based on the principle of stress management with a view to timely adrenaline rush. We call the method Power Pointing.

In a nutshell: The modern concept of Power Pointing

Power pointing is a system of pointing the gamecock designed by RB Sugbo Gamefowl Technology. It is based on the concept of stress management. The principle is that stress triggers adrenaline rush and the hormone adrenaline enables the body to achieve extra ordinary physical and mental conditions as part of natural defense mechanism. We know what wonders adrenaline rush could do. During emergency, one can lift objects too heavy under normal circumstances, or jump long or leap high. These phenomenon is due to the surge of adrenaline.
The whole idea of power pointing is to aim for adrenaline rush to transpire in time for, or during the actual fight, and to provide the body and muscle with the right kind of energy and power necessary to support such surge.
The concept avails of quick power and energy boosting substances, namely: creatine, ribose, bcomplex and iron, b15 (pangamic acid) and glucose; to ensure adequate reserves of energy necessary to support adrenaline rush.
Creatine and ribose are necessary for the burst of energy during the initial stage of the fight. B complex and iron condition the blood and helps in the distribution of oxygen to the brain and other parts of the body. Pangamic acid being a vasodilator, expands the blood vessels to allow effective blood flow. Glucose is the purest form of instant energy.
These natural substances constitute a potent combination that serves well during both the initial stages and the later part of the fight.

Quick energy loading, not carboloading

The system does not require the usual 2-3 day carboloading used by most other pointing methods, particularly those advocated by the old school influenced by practices of American cockers. It should be pointed out that American gaff and short knife require stamina and endurance, which are not the top priority in slasher knife fighting. In the Filipino slasher fighting, the cock should rely more on sharp cutting ability, timing and quickness.
Thus, carboloading which benefits endurance athletes more than sprinters is more appropriate in American cockfighting than in Filipino sabong.
Instead, the focus of RB Sugbo’s Power Pointing is on energy boosting on the day of the fight, based on the ATP-CP energy pathway principle. ATP-CP pathway is the initial source of energy muscles utilize in the first burst of speed and power necessary in the first few buckles.

In the first burst of activity, the muscles rely on the ATP-CP (Adenosine Triphosphate – Creatine Phosphate) energy pathway which is anaerobic. After a few seconds, the muscles draw energy from glycolysis, which is common to anaerobic and aerobic pathways. The end product of glycolysis, pyruvate, represents a fork in the catabolic (breaking down) process. Pyruvate could be committed to the anaerobic pathway or to the mitochondria leading to the Krebs cycle and the electron transport chain, both of which are aerobic in nature.
When the contest drags on, the body will have to rely for energy on these two aerobic pathways. Cockfighting, however, is more of a sprint than a marathon. Focus should be on anaerobic energy pathway.

Quick Energy: Creatine and Ribose
When the muscle contracts, the initial fuel it utilizes is adenosine triphosphate, or ATP.
“ATP releases one of its phosphate molecules to provide energy for muscle contraction and other functions. Once ATP releases a phosphate molecule, it becomes a different compound called ADP (Adenosine Diphosphate). Unfortunately, there is only enough ATP to provide energy for a few seconds, so for this energy system to continue, ATP must be produced.
Creatine Phosphate (CP) comes to the rescue by giving up its phosphate molecule to ADP, recreating ATP. This ATP can then be burned again as fuel for more muscle contraction. The bottom line is that the ability to regenerate ATP largely depends on the supply of creatine. The more creatine in muscles, the more ATP you can remake.” (Dave Tuttle; User’s Guide to Sports Nutrients)
Otherwise the body will be forced to rely on another energy pathway, glycolysis. The pathway has a by-product that irritates the muscles, causes pain, and interferes with biochemical reactions necessary for muscles to do the job, thus fatigue sets in. So, the earlier the body relies on glycolysis for energy, the earlier it gets tired.
The other pathways –the Krebs cycle and the electron transport chain – are aerobic or employ oxygen. Aerobic convention takes over when the activity is prolonged but less intense or less than maximal effort. This seldom happens in cockfights.
Most important in Filipino cockfights is the initial bursts of energy. We have learned that the body can achieve maximum amount of energy if the muscles have enough supply of ATP. And, creatine is what enables the resynthesis of ATP to take place. But during heavy exertion of effort as what transpires in the first few buckles of a cockfight, creatine cannot resynthesize ATP fast enough. Fortunately, ribose can help speed up the process.

Ribose is a sugar that can be converted into energy molecule pyruvate, which, in turn, allows ATP to be produced. The delay in ATP recovery occurs primarily because of lack of a compound called PRPP. Glucose provides PRPP but much slower than ribose. Ribose supplementation speeds up the process.
With creatine-ribose combination, supply and resynthesis of ATP are assured. The chicken will have enough ATP to produce energy necessary for the initial bursts of combat activity. It will also delay the mucles’ early switch to glycolysis, an inefficient source of energy.

Blood Conditioners and Oxygen Distribution
Aerobic conversion of energy requires oxygen. And, the primary carrier of oxygen to the cells is the red blood cells, hemoglobin, in particular. Vitamins B1, B2 and B3 help in energy production. B12 helps in increasing red blood cells. Red blood cells contain the protein hemoglobin. Hemoglobin with the help of iron loads oxygen in the lungs and unloads it in other parts of the body and all the cells including those in the brain. Lack of oxygen in the brain cells could cause what we cockers call “passing out.” B complex, B12 in particular, and iron are a potent combination for blood conditioning.
In addition to good blood condition, an efficient network for its delivery is also necessary – a strong heart to pump blood and wide passageways.
A strong heart is needed to efficiently pump blood throughout the body. Fortunately, science has identified several substances that help boost heart strength. Omega 3 and Omega 6, alpa lipoic acid (ALA), L-carnitine, and obiquinone (CoQ10) are examples.
On the other hand, B15 or Pangamic acid acts as vasodilator. A vasodilator increases the diameter of blood vessels. When this occurs, a more efficient blood circulation takes place. Also the expanded superficial blood vessels allow the transfer of more heat to the environment, thus, lowering the cock’s body temperature.
This combination of heat muscle boosters and vasodilator will complement the blood conditioners in the delivery of oxygen to the cells.

Easy to adopt
Power pointing is good for both derbies and hackfights.
Any good and adequately conditioned cock can be placed on Power Pointing program. The program requires a period of just 1 week before the fight.
Although best, in conjunction with RB Sugbo Pyramid Conditioning method, Power Pointing is compatible with most other sound conditioning programs. It is easy to adopt as it does not interfer with your usual practices and feeding programs.

(Conditioning pyramid and power pointing are explained fully and in detail in “Manwal ng Mana sa Makabagong Pamamaraan ng Pagpili at Pagkundisyon.”
For inquiries text 0927-995-4876.)

Ponkan broodcock

Ponkan broodcock
One of the ponkan broodcocks being readied by RB Sugbo for the incoming breeding season. RB Sugbo is among the gamefowl farms very much involved in the Masang Nagmamanok (MANA) Inc. nationwide gamefowl dispersal program.

Another ponkan

Another ponkan
Another ponkan broodcock in the trio pen.

Mana: Dami at Pagkakaisa

Walang duda napakalaki na ng pinagunlad ng sabong mula sa paging libangan tuwing araw ng Linggo, ito ngayon ay isa nang napakatanyag na isport, malaking industriya at kaakitakit na mapagkakitaan.

Napakarami nang nagpapalahi ng manok panabong. Nagsilabasan ang mga babasahin at programa sa telebisyon ukol sa sabong. Panay ang pa-derby at hakpayt sa buong kapuluan. Samantalang bumabaha sa merkado ang mga produktong pang manok. Sa likod ng lahat ng ito ay ang napakaraming masang sabungero na siyang tunay na gulugod o backbone ng industriya.

Sa bawat nagpapalahi, ilan ang tagapagalaga ng kanyang manok? Sa bawat may-ari ng sabungan, ilan ang naghahanapbuhay sa sabungan niya? Sa bawat kasali sa derby, ilan ang nagbabayad sa pinto upang manood? Sa bawat malaking sabungero, ilan ang mayroon lang iilang pirasong tinale sa kanilang bakuran? Dapat lang, at napapanahon na siguro, na ang masang sabungero ay mapagtuonan ng pansin, mabigyan ng kinatawan, at, marinig ang boses sa isport at industriya ng sabong.

Ito ang nais abutin ng MANA (Masang Nagmamanok), isang pambansang kilusan at samahan ng mga masang sabungero. Ang mga layunin ng MANA ay ang sumusunod:

1. Ang pangalagaan ang kapakanan ng mga maliit na sabungero, partikular na, ang mga naghahanapbuhay sa sabungan. Inaasam na sa darating na panahon, ang mga handlers, mananari, casador, kristos, sentensiyador, farm hands ay magkakaroon ng mga benepisyo tulad ng insurance, pension at iba pa.

2. Ang mapatingkad ang kaalaman ng ordinaryong sabungero sa pagmamanok. At, sila’y mabigyan ng pagkakataon na magkaroon ng angkop na materyales sa pagpapalahi at paglalaban.

3. Ang ipaglaban ang sabong sa gitna ng banta na itoy gawing labag sa batas tulad ng nangyari kamakailan lang sa Estados Unidos, at ipreserba ito bilang isport, hanapbuhay, industriya at bahagi ng ating kultura at tunay na mana.

4. Ang magtulungan at makipagtulungan sa iba pang haligi ng industriya sa ikabubuti ng sabong at ikauunlad ng lahat na mga sabungero.

Inaasahan na matupad ng MANA ang nasabing mga layunin pamamagitan ng pagpakita ng dami at pagkakaisa.

Ang pagkatatag ng MANA ay bunsod ng mungkahi ni kamanang Boying Santiago ng Camarines Sur na lumabas sa pitak na” Llamado Tayo,” na magtayo ng samahan ang mga masang sabungero. Ang pitak na ito, noon, ay arawaraw na lumalabas sa pahayagang Tumbok, na pagaari ng Philippine Daily Inquirer group of publications. (Ngayon mababasa ang Llamado Tayo sa dyaryong Larga Weekly.)

Ang Llamado Tayo ay tumatalakay sa ibatibang aspeto sa pagmamanok at binabasa ng napakarami arawaraw, kaya di nagtagal marami ang sumapi sa MANA.

Kasunod nito, ang MANA ay nakapagpaseminar sa ibatibang lugar at rehiyon ng Pilipinas, sa tulong ng mga kumpaniya tulad ng Excellence Poultry & Livestock Specialist, Bmeg-Derby Ace, Sagupaan, Secret Weapon, at Thunderbird.